Sunday, June 16, 2013

amsterdam canals

what a beautiful city!  we spent a good deal of time walking around amsterdam since it served as home base during our week there.  it took us about three-four hours on foot to explore -- small but very lovely, particularly when we got away from the red light district.

dream man and dream car!

update:  forgot to add this picture.  what better way to finish a day of sightseeing than a cold beer at a nice cafe?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

who loves tulips?

back in may, pete and i went to the netherlands (and london too, but that's a story for another time).  i'll warn you now that they are a lot of pictures of us (for our parents and family who complain that there are never enough images of us).

anyways, holland was an incredibly lovely country.  as a flower enthusiast, visiting in springtime was certainly a must.  we took advantage of our time there with two bike trips through the flower fields -- one originated from leiden and the other from the keukenhof.  hope you enjoy the images.  i kinda want to go back now....

Sunday, June 9, 2013

anna + t maternity shoot

i've been keeping this photo shoot in my back pocket for a while, partly due to editing as well as waiting for the couple, anna and t, to reveal their baby's gender!  as their photographer, pete and i had the honor of being clued-in earlier, but it's so obvious that it's a boy ;) !  so after their baby shower this past saturday, i got the green light to post these images.

a bit of backstory before you get to the photos.  it was raining so hard out.  the weather report said it was sunny -- LIE!  we waited in the parking lot in our cars hoping that the rain would subside, but to no avail.  while waiting, a family opened their car door into ours.  no apology or anything and in fact took our license plate information.  whatever.  i knew it had to get better.  it must.  it can only get so bad until it really gets good (again).  and man were these images worth the rain, that silly family, wet gear, everything.  and the best thing about rain, the park was absolutely empty and we could run amuck without a care.

anna and t, thank you for giving pete and me a peek into your happiness.  we're so excited for you and we can't wait to meet baby jacob!

location was rockefeller state park in sleepy hollow, ny (of course).  and flowers were provided by flowers by busy B ;)