Saturday, July 20, 2013

northfield farms

i feel as though we've gone dark without a post for many weeks now.  pete and i are in southeast asia at the moment and i've found some quiet time and caffeine to finish up a post that i meant to do pre-trip.  (our daily southeast asia instagrams can be found at @flowersbybusyb and @digitalpetey.)

it's no surprise to some that i spend many weekends in western ma.  our summer weekends are filled with gardening, ice cream and barbecues, but this time we took a drive down to the farms to watch the sunset.   the "farms" is the collective name for the area of town by the connecticut river.  the area is acres upon acres of beautiful flat river valley where farmers grow their wheat, sod and hops.  it's quite something and i wish i had some of that land to grow my flowers.