Monday, August 12, 2013

hong kong

loved this place -- great people and food (oh my god, din tai fung!).  i can't say we did much of anything cultural during our 7 day stay.  we hung out, ate food, hunted for used camera parts, downed lots of coffee, (then) drank lots of carlsberg beer, took photos, watched music videos on the hotel TV before bed and pete jumped off a junk boat.  yup, except for the junk boat part, our days were on-repeat up until our very "last" day.

some pictures of the markets on and around graham street:

some more street shots:

i love shooting alleyways and thought this picture (above left) showed some of the small-time infrastructure that help keep people cool in the heat -- old buildings, new AC units.  also, the alleyway is remarkably clean.  the green structure the picture in above right is the longest escalator in the world (don't know whether that's true).  the escalator does run up a steep hill for a good distance.  the escalator runs downhill during the morning rush hour (before 10am) and then switches uphill for the commute home.

jamia mosque:

tea shopping:

views from victoria peak:

 taken with the mamiya using portra 400 film:

Thursday, August 8, 2013


you may have noticed that we've been away a bit, about 2.5 weeks.  i feel kind of guilty that i haven't posted enthusiastically about my trips since japan.  it's actually a lot of work behind each blog post and i'm trying to pull myself from behind the lens to enjoy some of our time abroad.  but i think we're done traveling this year and i'll start to become very much more productive with the camera and flowers.

during our 7 day trip to hong kong, we went for a day trip to macau.  i can't say we're gamblers (at all), not even shoppers.  and macau isn't vegas so there were no shows to pass the time.  but macau is mostly about gambling and we jumped the free shuttle bus to the venetian (snore) and i'm now proud to say that i've been to the venetian in vegas and macau.  after grabbing lunch, we grabbed a cab to senado square, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  it's pretty cool and novel.