Monday, August 4, 2014

impromptu family shoot

several weeks ago, while prepping for the maine wedding, a family friend contacted me to do a family photo shoot.  timing and location worked out perfectly since they're in boston and i was still in boston for the weekend.  we lucked out with low tide at revere beach.  it's one of those beaches that when the tide goes out, the sand seemingly stretches for miles.

revere beach holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me.  you have to look beyond the crowd...the crime...the litter....  being there brings me back to childhood when the beach was largely grey sand and my siblings and i swam and ran along with water with sea spray in our faces.  at low tide, we'd dig out clams and turn over rocks for lobsters, crabs and periwinkles.  we wouldn't dare eat any sea food with deer island treatment plant looming around the bend; yeah, red tide and sewage washing up on the shores from time to time, not fun and likely rife with sickness.  i digress.  so yeah, pretty happy that low tide was in play for this adorable couple, their very precocious and animated daughter (who is not even 2 and can speak in full sentences!) and another daughter waiting for her time to greet the world.

congrats, jen, omar and athalia!

location:  revere beach, ma
camera:  nikon d800e
iso:  400
post-processing:  alien skin, portra 400 low contrast filter

Saturday, March 1, 2014

lisboa, lisbon, portugal

our travel images from lisboa.  very photogenic city and the weather cooperated pretty nicely.  we had some overcast (and rainy days) but on those days i got to sleep in and walk out late morning for some nicely lit shots.  rainy days aren't so bad afterall.

these images are a mixture of digital (with film effects applied) and film.  i shot with my mamiya 645D mainly using portra400 and i think there's a roll of fuji 400H somewhere mixed in.  i took 3.5 rolls and waiting to finish the last roll at some point.  richard photo lab developed.  love film.

Monday, November 4, 2013

pete in nyc through film

i've been experimenting with film this summer/fall, mostly through my mamiya 645AFD that i scored off ebay.  i love it to no end and so much so that i bought a hasselblad 500cm to add to my repertoire.

as a side note, i have a lot of pictures of pete.  and while i love him dearly, he happens to be around when the light is right.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

crane's beach

we visit crane's beach in ipswich at least once a summer.  it's not a far drive from my parents' home and we generally make a day of beach combing and feasting on lobster and lobster rolls at nearby woodman's.  last year i did my sea and sand photo shoot on the beach and would love nothing more than to get a gig photographing or making flowers for a wedding at castle hill.  until then, here are some images from our day.  i shot both film and digital but only the digital images are posted (i sent my film out today).  

castle hill on crane's estate in the background; had my high school prom there