Monday, August 4, 2014

impromptu family shoot

several weeks ago, while prepping for the maine wedding, a family friend contacted me to do a family photo shoot.  timing and location worked out perfectly since they're in boston and i was still in boston for the weekend.  we lucked out with low tide at revere beach.  it's one of those beaches that when the tide goes out, the sand seemingly stretches for miles.

revere beach holds a certain amount of nostalgia for me.  you have to look beyond the crowd...the crime...the litter....  being there brings me back to childhood when the beach was largely grey sand and my siblings and i swam and ran along with water with sea spray in our faces.  at low tide, we'd dig out clams and turn over rocks for lobsters, crabs and periwinkles.  we wouldn't dare eat any sea food with deer island treatment plant looming around the bend; yeah, red tide and sewage washing up on the shores from time to time, not fun and likely rife with sickness.  i digress.  so yeah, pretty happy that low tide was in play for this adorable couple, their very precocious and animated daughter (who is not even 2 and can speak in full sentences!) and another daughter waiting for her time to greet the world.

congrats, jen, omar and athalia!

location:  revere beach, ma
camera:  nikon d800e
iso:  400
post-processing:  alien skin, portra 400 low contrast filter

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